12 August 2011

Books and baby belly buttons

Daisy thoroughly enjoys reading time, especially turning the pages. Those chubby little hands reach for the cardboard book and you'd think she was reading all on her own.I can't get enough of these organic cotton pjs! I used to think sleepers were the cutest thing but they don't compare to these! And check out that belly button! Is it not just the most precious thing you've ever seen?! Daisy does this little pose that looks like she's doing her crunches. She does it while playing, laying down, getting her diaper changed, in the car seat, all the time! She's going to have abs way before I ever do! I believe my daughter is park monkey. She's constantly trying to hold things with her feet, she'll pinch your skin with her toes, and she even tries to pull the duck on her carseat with them! She was trying to figure out how to pick up her cow and book at the same time. It was adorable!

27 July 2011

On the move

Daisy has officially entered the crawling stage. It's more of an army crawl, but she's constantly on her hands and knees rocking herself back and forth. The blanket I lay out for her to play on no longer seems big enough, she still ends up on the hardwood most of the time. She's also sitting up on her own but for a short amount of time each time. As long as she has something in front of her to keep her occupied she does really well, it's when she starts looking around that she flops backwards or sideways. I've been sitting her on the floor surrounded by a ring of pillows and toys so that when she falls she's got a soft landing. Twice in the last week I have found Daisy sleeping on her tummy with her butt straight up in the air! A few times she's been twisted, chest down, legs off to the side. Both of these are huge because she used to not go back to sleep if she rolled onto her tummy. She looks so precious when she sleeps this way it just makes my heart leap. I'd share a picture but I'm not crazy enough to risk waking a sleeping baby!

As far as food goes Daisy has tried Peas, squash, carrots, cereal, and bananas. She likes: Carrots, carrots, and carrots. At this rate she will probably be an Oompa Loompa baby in no time. Last night I made my first batch of homemade organic carrot baby food and it is freezing as we speak. I made about 50 oz for $2! It's say it's well worth the time! Green beans and sweet potatoes are on the menu for daisy to try next!

I can't believe Daisy is already 7 1/2 months old! I weighed her the other day and she weighs about 15 lbs and she's still wearing 3-6 months clothes. We've got a peewee on our hands!

13 July 2011


Since having a baby everyday noises seem so much louder! I've come to wish there was volume control on the microwave as it beeps at the press of every button and the long drawn out ring of the timer on the stove going off. Right after Daisy was born we set up a pack'n'play in our dining room/kitchen area that is also right next to our living room. Daisy would nap for hours on end through all the hustle and bustle in the house and the tap tap tap of the dogs claws on the hardwood floor. We wanted it this way. We weren't going to resort to being silent in our own home just because the baby was sleeping. That worked great until about a month or two ago. Now I can't even flush the toilet without waking Daisy up when she's napping in her crib! Not to mention open any cabinet door in the kitchen, the backdoor, the screen door or her closet door for some unforeseen reason. There's also a nice little creak right over the threshold in Daisy's room which causes me to tiptoe and lunge out her door in hopes that I'll overstep it. And don't even get me started on the dog, she's gotten the evil eye a lot lately as she's a random barker (oh look a bird, out the window, 1/2 a mile away!) and that tap tap tap of her claws. When she's constantly moving I give her the "I dare you to walk past that bedroom door one more time" look and all the while in my head I'm wondering if I can put those little wax claw shields on her that they have for cats so they don't scratch things. I'm hoping maybe this is just a phase, but in the mean time I am trying to drown out all noise in her room with soft music and a fan.

30 June 2011

Today is brought to you by:

PEAS! And with them comes many sour faces and lots of gagging. Daisy had her first taste of peas yesterday and to say the least they didn't have the best first impression.I can hardly get this strap out of her mouth long enough to get any food in!Pants as a hat? What a fashionista!Daddy playing puppet with the oven mit.Sweet kisses from daddy! His whiskers tickle!

20 June 2011

Vote vote VOTE!

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